Why choose us?


It would be in vain to praise any of our positive features if our prices wouldn't be the best. And so we decided to refrain from praising and simply offer you THE BEST PRICE.

Our prices tell everything!

If we fail to offer you the best price, we will buy from you from that point on! You benefit from our relation in both cases, so do not hesitate, contact us and we will send you our tailored offer with an overview of our prices and terms!


Our drop ship merchandise ensures reliable shipping, which means that the products are shipped within 3-5 days to the designated location for free*.

If you are still interested in our pros, the following will surely convince you:

We work towards providing a full service to our partners. Our activities were always aimed at our customer's needs with the goal to provide premium service to our regular purchasers. This is not only what we do, this is what makes us different. The standard of service and professionalism enables mutual benefits for both partners. Our list of products focuses on copier toners and cartridges sought in large quantities. Send us your demand and we will contact you in 24 hours.

Original products for unique prices!

All of our products are original, but due to our turnover and construction we can offer a very reasonable price. We always offer our products for a competitive price from our stock, and we use a consistent value pricing model so you can always rely on us. Optimize your purchases and request a quote without obligations!

We provide fast shipping to ensure perfect service. Shipping arrangements and the safety of the products are our responsibilities. The products ordered will be delivered to the designated warehouse and handed over to you*. Our business policy ensures legal guarantees and the safety of your purchases. We are committed to confidentiality of all financial and any other information, and require it of our partners, too.


*Free shipping may vary depending on the destination.